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Coffee table book.

After being in discussions about a coffee table book, I’m happy to say this is now something I’ll be working on.

As I travel so much and with my work for my previous art company, architecture firm and Kabu & Co. I’m fortunate enough to have stayed in some truly amazing hotels around the world.

What I didn’t do in those hotels, was take great photos worth of a coffee table book. I’ve stayed in some amazing resorts, private villa’s and traditional hotels over the years and for those amazing places I stay in, over the next two years, they will be part of a coffee table book, focused on the guest experience, food and design.

My favourite hotels to date.

Shiroumaso, Hakuba Happo, Japan - Best serviced hotel and a 3 star hotels. Won the luxury hotel awards for best service and ski lodge. This was an article I wrote about them some years ago and the next year they won their first award.

The Puli, Shanghai. Best designed hotel in China.

The Soho Hotel, London. Best night sleep and a breakfast buffet you could not believe.