Kabu & Co.


Kabu & Co. is a solution to one core problem, which is poverty for smallholder farmers. When you end this one issue, you solve the number one cause of every major global issue in the world today and we've solved it. Launching in 2018. 

It all started when I became frustrated with "the problems are to big for anyone to solve". 

After heading an architecture firm which was small in architecture standards, but still had 400 architects with offices in London, Bangkok, Shanghai & Guangzhou, I started to see a recurring issues with how the world worked and I asked myself "why do I pay so much for a hotel and always have a bad coffee". It was this thought, that allowed me to see how architecture firms give designs to the client, who then gives it to the builder and in the end, a management company (InterContinental, Shangri-la etc). After the design, the client and builder look to cut costs and the management company usually only takes 5% of the profits, so of course they buy the lowest priced "everything", so with this model of cost savings, how does that affect a farmer?

They remain in abject poverty. 

Now imagine this situation for food companies and not hotels and imagine they are stock listed. Well, that's the world we live in or it is, until Kabu & Co. is up and running. 

Kabu & Co. solves global poverty for smallholder farmers. 

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