Koji Yoshioka - Roth Gallery Tokyo

Art Advisory & Roth Management

For 6 years Ryan Roth was the owner of Roth Management, an art management, art advisory and art gallery. The Gallery was located in Tokyo and had a bi quarterly exhibition (closed, end of 2016), located on the 47th floor, looking over Tokyo bay. 

In 2013, he was called one of the top 500 cultural influencers in the world to watch, by The Guardian/Observer. 

Recently he saved an associate $100 million USD, as he was about to buy a Raffael and it just so happened, Ryan was flown to Zurich to review this painting two years ago and then like now, it was still under a shroud of legal issues. Also in 2017, he  reviewed another painting from an old master and again this piece had similar issues and saved a client from making a bad purchase.

It's not always about advising items to buy, but what not to buy. 

Ryan's focus was and still is on contemporary art, focused more specifically on Japanese contemporary art, but he has and does still advise on curating collections for private collectors, hotels and businesses. While his focus is on Japanese art, he has extensive experience with Asian art and also advises on general art curation. 

Ryan, his artists and or the company have been featured in hundreds of major media sources such as, but not limited to; The Guardian, The Wall Street Journal, The New Yorker, South China Morning Post, Japan Today, Channel 24, Vice (Documentary) and so many more. 

Ryan was also heavily involved in supplying and curating charitable art events which raised in excess of $8 million USD. 

His reputation for building the careers of young artists was cemented when The New Yorker called a young Japanese street artist who Ryan found after seeing some stickers on the street, "The Japanese Banksy". That artist is 281 Anti Nuke

Ryan still advises clients on curations and young artists careers privately, and for all inquiries please email ryan@ka-bu.com 

Photos below are some interviews and photos of his artists and Roth Gallery in Tokyo.